DRYING CABINET                        

ETS 600 - the stand-alone drying cabinet

A drying cabinet that dries your washing quickly, gently and economically. 

  • ETS 600 has a low purchase price and economic running costs. It dries efficiently without wearing out your washing.
  • Installation is so easy you can do it yourself.  
  • There is no risk of damage from dampness or mould. The modern ventilation system deals efficiently with all moisture.
  • You can dry up to 16 metres of washing without it getting in the way or being visible.
  • The cabinet is easy to clean. Simply wash down and empty the removeable tray at the bottom.
  • The cabinet can be used as a wardrobe for wet coats, shoes, sporting wear etc.
Technical data         
Capacity (kg) 3,5
Hanging length (m) 16
Heating element (W) 1500
Timer (h) 0-4
Ventilation (m/h) 180
Motor (W) 35
Electricity  230V/50z/1Ph
Power consumption (kWh/kg) 0,5-0,6
Width (mm) 595
Height (mm) 1715
Depth (mm) 610
Net weight (kg) 56